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The Nectar Realms

Welcome to the Nectar Realms…

For the ‘modern’ woman (all women) who craves more meaning, reverence and sustenance in her everyday life.
This 6 week journey through our Sacred Map and innate constellations offers a beautiful gateway to daily devotion, simplicity, fulfillment & a life of ARTISTRY.
All the guidance we need, desire, want – is within. This is an experience of mindfully harvesting our own wisdom.
Lets begin 2022 decadently dripping in this life changing feminine wisdom.


JOIN HERE – we begin January 30th.

If you are not able to be with us live ~ the recordings will go up into the portal after each gathering. You can take it all in, in your own time.

$444 AUD  one payment

$222 AUD two payments over 2 months

CLICK HERE to join

What we’ll explore together:

  • Our original feminine template & Map – A portal of wisdom that will completely enhance every woman’s life. Re-membering these insights and placing this knowing back in every woman’s hands will activate our ability to live a fully conscious (whole) life.
  • Each of the 4 constellations will be opened up for rich and decadent exploration. We will ATTUNE to each of these energies as ESSENCES & Archetypes that live within us. As I describe them here – please know this is just a taste of each realm, to give you a sense of our exploration:

BLOOM (Spring, Maiden, Menarche, day 7 of our cycle, East, Air, First Quater Moons, Sunrises, Ostara, Fresh New Opportunities, Growth, Beauty, Youth)

EXPAND ( Summer, Mother, Birth, Ovulation, North, Fire, Full Moons, OUTER WORLD, Full Midday Sun, Summer Equinox, Outward Energy, Stretched, Sharp, Intelligent, Creative, Depth of capacity)

SURRENDER ( Autumn, Maga, Menopause, Day 21 of our cycle, West, Earth, Last Quarter Moons, Mabon, Letting Go, Harvest, Sunsets, Energy Retracting, Wisdom Distilling, Wildness)

REFINE ( Winter, Crone, Decay & Death, bleeding, South, Water, Dark / New Moons, INNER WORLD, Midnight, Winter Solstice, Darkness, The Void, Quiet, Still, Depth, WISDOM, Retreat, S L O W, Grounded)

These 4 constellations are forever spiraling within us…overlapping & gently guiding the rhythm of our life. Our personal ‘coordinates’ become clear, we know where we are ~ which  helps us ‘make sense’ of our lives… why we feel the way we do is not a burden or a means for confusion. We understand ourselves, our desires, our needs…all with clarity and compassion.


When we enter the TEMPLE of each  of these worlds with reverence and presence – we receive the wisdom it has to share with us.


We come to realise that ALL phases and stages and feelings are valid & vital.
Periods of darkness can be welcomed just as we open our arms to our joy and lightness.


  • Cyclical living – rather than the hustle and exhaustion that manifests when we push against our Natural Rhythm. We will become well aqauinted with the elelmental movement of life. Trusting in cycles, beginnings and ends rather than fearing the essential flow of life.


  • Female Initiations and life transformations will be sweetly investigated and together we will explore how to harness the gifts & immense opportunity that these portals bring. Rather than feeling confused or fearful of an initiation like birth or menopause. We begin to rewrite the narrative and powerfully shift our cultural understanding.
  • Returning to nature and the use of plant allies and botanical medicines for nourishment, healing and comfort.
  • Ayurvedic ‘Empress Level’ self/body care ~ simple, BEAUTIFUL and decadent practices that have the potential to offer extensive healing to your nervous system at all stages of life. Meaning we are more available to heaven on earth and the life we crave.
  • Ceremony and Ritual will be woven through everything so as to create an exquisite experience from start to finish & ongoing through your days.
  • Feeding our souls through the art of emptying and savouring ‘dailiness’.
  • Making ART of our lives. Choosing each and every day to paint your life with the brush that welcomes ALL aspects of who you are. ALL constellations. ALL feelings, ALL desires. Weaving the Sacred Rituals and Empress Self Care through your days. Riding the ebb and flow of your own coordinates. Welcoming the beautiful nuances within life that are now more available to you.


What you’ll receive:



The structure of Nectar Realms:

We will have our online home that will contain all & any practices, transmissions for that constellation.

We will gather together each week live to experience each part of our map. This will be both ceremonial AND an offering of information for you to embody.

Our First Gathering: Opening Ceremony. Introducing our Grounding, Rituals to open Sacred space, how to use our plant allies (essential oils) via aroma touch… peeling back the curtain on our Sacred Map and all four constellations. Feeling gently into these energies and beginning to look at how we can work with them to enhance our day to day lives and reconnect with our more wild CYCLICAL nature.
This will be a beautiful opening experience full of rich ceremony & moments to attune to your own Nectar Realms via potent somatic practices. We will deeply soothe our nervous systems and cast a frequency that will hold us through our journey together and through 2022.
We will honour our capacity to pause and harvest our own wisdom.

Second Ceremony / Gathering: We dive deep into our first constellation of BLOOM. Exploring the energy, rhythm & all facets that this Maiden temple – welcoming all that this world has to offer us consciously into our lives. So much wisdom here.
We will explore our Empress self care & Ayurvedic Ritual – womb healing.

Third Ceremony / Gathering: We explore the constellation & temple of EXPANSION and all the many wonderous ways we can connect with this powerful creative ‘Mother Archetype’ energy.
We will explore our Empress self care & Ayurvedic Ritual of ceremonial botanical foot soaks.

Fourth Ceremony / Gathering: We come to the constellation & supreme temple of SURRENDER.
Such a rich world for us to delve into. The Maga constellation brings us tremendous healing.
We will explore our Ayurvedic Empress self care ritual of Abhyanga Massage – (life changing)

Fifth Ceremony / Gathering: with reverence we dive into the constellation of REFINE and our Crone temple. We allow ourselves to be IN the VOID. We melt into this distilled energy and reap her gifts and wisdom…now and forever.
Ayurvedic Empress self care ritual of botanical ceremonial bathing.

Our 6th and final gathering:
Closing Ceremony – here we take time to contemplate and fully RECEIVE all the intel that has been remembered. We honour all constellations, essences and energies that live within us. We are confident in our ability to use this cyclical feminine wisdom as a daily MAP.
Life from this point on will always feel enriched with this potent, magical, authentic, truthful, natural intelligence.
You will have the powerful capacity to pass this wisdom on to others, especially your family and children. So they too can understand you, and themselves more deeply.
What a gift.

Continued support: You will have access to the online portal for another moon cycle. Meaning you can take yourself through all the constellations & practices once again over another moonth. This could be as simple as listening to the guided process for each constellation as you travel through the cycle. Deepening your connection and understanding in your own time.


How to Join:

$444 AUD  one payment

$222 AUD two payments over 2 months



I cannot wait to share this with those of you who feel the calling into this sublime world and know this to be a journey that’s meant for you at this time.
Trust your heart love & see you inside The Nectar Realms!

Lauren xx



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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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