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The enrichment of Ceremonial Healing Baths….

The enrichment of Ceremonial Healing Baths….

Herbal baths are for everyone.

They offer such profound soothing to our hearts and our nervous system.

A beautiful, SIMPLE ritual to enrich, nourish, heal and enhance deep relaxation.

We can use specifically crafted baths to nourish our whole being.

Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Our bodies are made up of 85% water, so when we immerse body IN water, it’s vibration and resonance has a deep impact on our own. This is particularly felt when we submerge our bodies in the ocean. People so often talk about feeling invigorated!

Because of waters molecular structure it holds the intentions we place into it. Here we can bless the waters with mantra, with prayer, with song or simply with a word.

This is where the element of CEREMONY comes in.

The water is filled with our intention – it is a blessing and a spiritual act to bathe. It becomes a portal to our own spiritual guidance.

And then we add to the waters whatever ingredients will support our intention. This can be as simple as some rock salt.


Creating your bath….

There are many different ingredients we can use when crafting a bath, from herbal allies, to milks, salts, essential oils, crystals, flower essences to whole flowers or petals.

Its a beautifully flexible process of gathering what you feel you need, and what you have within your home already ~ keeping it simple and easy.

We can also prepare our baths around the cycles of the moon, seasons, special events etc. For example a bath around Guru Purnima each year would be divine.

Please note ~ if you dont have a bath you can use any bucket or vessel within your home as a foot spa. Soaking our feet in warm water filled with intention and herbal allies is deeply grounding and nourishing. Our feet draw in the gifts of whatever we have placed in the waters.



Fill your bath.

The water temperature should be similar to your body temperature ~this will be the most relaxing.

If you’re using SALTS in your bath add them whilst the bath is running so they have time to fully dissolve.

Once your bath is full, speak your mantra or prayer or blessings into the water. Do this with intention and love. The water will embody this resonance.

Next add your ingredients. See the list below for ideas.


Recipe ideas for your healing / ceremonial baths


DRIED HERBS ~ Any flowers herbs are very gentle and beautiful to add to a bath. CHAMOMILE is divine & one many of us already have at home.

For all the same reasons we would drink it, we woulkd add it to our bath waters.

If you have the dried herb or chamomile tea bags you would steep them in at least 1 litre of boiling water for 15mins and then add to your bath. This would be the same process if you have LAVENDER or ROSE petals, or any dried flowers. Steep for 15mins and add.

They are a gorgeous addition to baths.

SALTS ~ salt, like herbs, has been used in baths for thousands of years. The benefits are immense. You could use Himalayan rock salt, sea salt, or epsom salts. Add as much as you desire. From a sprinkle up to 1 cup.

ESSENTIAL OILS ~ High quality essential oils are extremely medicinal and potent plant medicine. They can be absolutely divine to use in baths and foot soaks. They bring the beauty of aroma like nothing else.

Lavender, chamomile, vetiver, frankincense, neroli, rose, jasmine…..all beautiful oils to use.

Place a few drops in 1/2 to a full cup of milk and then pour into your water.

MILK ~ A delicious, soothing element to add to a bath. This is pure luxury and amazing for your skin. Milk in a bath can help soothe vata imbalances and enhance OJAS. Its a truely gorgeous addition to any bath. Add as much as you desire.

It is also the carrier substance for any essential oils you want to add.

FLOWERS ~ you can add whole flowers to your bath or the petals. If you have roses in a vase at home, you can take one and use all its petals to add to your bath. If you have any dried rose petals that are also beautiful to add. Please be mindful to scoop out any petals before emptying the water.

CLAY ~ If you have any powdered clay at home that you might have used as a face mask or in beauty products…it is beautiful in your bath. Add 1/2 a cup. Clay is incredible on yopur skin and wonderfully grounding.


I truely hope you find the time and space to craft this exquisite experience for yourself.

The simplicity of resting in waters is ancient and provides such deep soothing.

Enjoy xx

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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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