Welcome! Spirit Birth is an online program designed for pregnant women. Helping you consciously & lovingly prepare for ALL ways of Birth.


Are you feeling scared, overwhelmed or confused about the birth of your baby?

Are you eager to dive deeper into the spiritual aspects of birth?

OR perhaps you’re looking for simple tools & effective practices that will enhance relaxation & reduce stress?

I completely understand, I’ve been exactly where you are & I’m so glad you found your way here to Spirit Birth.

You feel it too… the desire to be more at ease and relaxed.

The call to discover what will help you embrace the intensity of your transformation into Mother.

You’re ready….

To stop feeling worried and fearful about the birth of your baby.
To leave behind all the stories you’ve been told that are making you feel overwhelmed and anxious.
To stop looking outside of yourself for all the answers.
To connect with your intuition and your body’s innate capabilities.
To receive support and gentle guidance, helping you to feel more relaxed, confidant, prepared and trusting.

You dream of…

Feeling excited about the birth of your baby.
Creating a POSITIVE birth experience for you and your little one.
Being prepared for ALL the ways birth could unfold.
A deep connection with your body, baby and all the changes that are taking place.
Creating a relaxed and calm beginning for you and baby.
Moving into motherhood knowing how to self-care and how to go with the new rhythm that your baby brings.
Being present & relaxed.

And what you know for sure is, you’re ready to TRUST birth, trust the way it will unfold for you, and trust in your body’s innate capabilities.

Can you relate to this?

Struggling to attend all the classes you wish you had time to get to, like prenatal yoga, meditation, birthing classes and baby classes.
Having so much information about birth and motherhood that it sends you into a tale spin rather than making you feel better.
Wanting to change your mindset but not knowing how.
Wishing you had an easy and simple daily practice that would bring you back into the present, slow you down and connect you with your intuition.
Wanting to connect with the spiritual dimensions of pregnancy but not sure how to put that into practice.
Wishing you could create sacred space and regular self care but just don’t find the time to actually implement.
Wondering how you will support yourself when you bring your baby home.
Having a partner that is feeling confused about how they might support you on the day, and support themselves.
“Laurens ability to support and hold space for a birthing woman is beyond remarkable. She embodies all the precious qualities of the Mother in her teaching, and her work as a Doula making her a true master in her field. Informative, nurturing and insightful, I found Laurens prenatal courses were incredibly valuable in preparation for each stage of my pregnancy, and my birthing experience. Her wisdom and gentle guidance dissolved uncertainties. I felt empowered and completely enthusiastic to embrace the imminent experience of birthing my baby, wholeheartedly.”

- Judy Wilson Mother & Vedic Meditation Teacher

The good news…

Together… we can make these changes & create a conscious, sacred & relaxed pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

So, you may be wondering…how can I help YOU?

Well, the desire comes from experience. I was pregnant at 30 and had no idea what it was all about! I was scared, didn’t know how my body worked, found myself desperately looking for community and more ways to connect to this sacred, spiritual experience of pregnancy and birth.

I knew what I wanted but just couldn’t quite find it.

So, I decided to create it.

And within that creation, over many years, I’ve found that all Mother’s are looking for very similar things…love, acceptance and a way to feel more at ease, empowered and prepared.

And this is what inspires all of what I do and create.

There are so many ways birth can unfold and we each have our own unique journey and gifts to discover. I feel incredibly empathetic and compassionate to all the ways this can happen, and I hope to serve ALL Mothers, ALL babies and ALL ways of birth.

“All that I have learnt with Lauren I carried with me into labour, birth and motherhood. Lauren is calm, warm and real, with an intuitive understanding of women during pregnancy and all the tenderness they need”

- Tess Whiteman Mother of 2

My capacity to guide you and offer support also comes from:

12 years experience teaching Prenatal yoga and Postnatal yoga to thousands of women.
10 years of being a Mother.
8 years working as a Doula supporting women and their partners through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.
8 years of teaching the popular calmbirth, birth education course
6 years of working privately with couples as a Birth Mentor.
5 years of working as a soul coach & mentor to mothers
A year and a half studying with the school of shamanic woman-craft remembering the sacred cycles and ways to reconnect with our divine nature.
And 10 years of running The LifePod, my business dedicated to supporting women and mothers through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Why an online course?

Convenience and ease, along with privacy and a relaxed pace.

This beautifully designed course is your guide throughout pregnancy and into those early months. It is a sacred space to check in with each day and find answers, guidance, practices and relaxation.

Spirit Birth is your pregnancy companion. You can move through the e- books, yoga practices, relaxations, visualizations and partner videos all in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. You have the freedom to re visit the parts that serve & inspire you, share them with your partner, and enjoy the practices whenever you like.

In the early weeks after birth you can do the meditations, visualizations and gentle yoga practices at a time that fits in with you and your baby’s new rhythm. Helping you to fill up your own cup at a time that requires so much of your energy to being going out.

Being a part of Spirit Birth will feel like having your own ‘online’ doula. With monthly calls designed to answer any specific questions you may have and creating continuity of care within a trusted community.

“If you are looking for prenatal support in preparation for childbirth with a holistic approach, Lauren is your go-to person. Lauren is a gifted yoga teacher, doula and a mother with decades of experience and knowledge, which shines through in her classes and courses. She is highly respected amongst her peers and I've enjoyed her general yoga classes for many years. She offers practical tools and techniques that I found useful throughout my pregnancy and I loved how she weaves her spiritual wisdom into every session. Lauren is passionate, has integrity in her work and is refreshingly authentic - she is the real deal. Oh and a complete goddess too! I'd highly recommend checking out her classes and courses.”

- Angel Singman Mother & creator of Future Sound of Yoga

“I cannot recommend enough pursuing the experience you hope to engage in with Lauren. You will not regret it & you will not have another opportunity like that which Lauren offers."

- Monique Blackwell Little Things Yoga, Mother of 2

What’s included in Spirit Birth?

5 beautifully designed e books, 1 for each module

5 prenatal YOGA practices

2 postnatal YOGA practices

9 guided meditations specifically designed for pregnancy and motherhood

Massage & Breathing for labour Videos

Module 1


Module 1 eBook. Learn about – What you believe and feel. Pain and understanding how it can help you. The ancient support of a doula. Your wise intuition.

Videos: Introduction Module 1 & Yoga Practice Module 1 Neck and Shoulder Focus

Meditations: Releasing Fear & Grounding Meditations

Reflection Sheet Module 1

Module 2:

Module 2 eBook. You’ll discover – Birth as a spiritual rite of passage. Sacred practices for pregnancy. Your nervous system and what helps it relax. Birthing hormones. Breathing for labour. Using mantra through pregnancy and birth.

Videos:  Introduction 2 & Yoga Module 2 Hip Opening Focus

Meditations:  Breathing & Mantra Meditations

Reflection Sheet Module 2


Module 3:


Module 3 ebook. Looking at – Visualization. Birthing positions. The journey through labour (stages of labour.)

Videos: Introduction 3 & Yoga Module 3 Flowing Sequence

Meditations: Happy Place & Drum Journey Meditations

Reflection Sheet Module 3

Module 4:

Module 4 eBook. Diving into – Massage for labour. How to create your ‘birth nest’. Cesarean birth & epidurals. Important birth tips for your partner.

Videos: Introduction 4, Yoga Module 4 Heart Opening Focus, Massage

Meditations: Spirit Birth Meditation (Sound Healing Meditation)

Reflection Sheet Module 4


Module 5:


Module 5 eBook. New Mum Inspiration – The 4th Post birth hibernation. Honoring the change from maiden to mother. The art of mindfulness as a parent. Self care for a new mum. The power of rhythm and how it can change your life.

Videos: Introduction 5, Yoga Module 5 Flowing Post Natal Sequence, Post Natal Restorative Yoga

Meditations: Self Love for Mothers, Yoga Nidra Meditations.

Reflection Sheet Module 5


+ A guide to essential oils for Pregnancy, Birth and motherhood

+ Safety info for essential oils

+ Birth Plan Template for you to edit, change and make your own.

+ Baby Massage Sequence

+ Monthly support calls, giving you an opportunity to have any questions answered, and I’ll be covering a specific topic related to pregnancy, birth and mothering each month. The monthly calls are designed to create continuity of care and supportive community.

+ Private facebook community.

Your journey through spirit birth will empower you. Nourish you. Guide you to connect with your intuition. It will give you the knowledge and practices you need to embrace BIRTH and MOTHERHOOD with flexibility, trust and love.

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Your Investment

$697  now only $297 AUD

$297 AUD one off payment


 2 payments of $150 AUD

Gifting you! – if you purchase before the end of July you will receive a complimentary 30 minute private birth mentoring skype session with Lauren. Receive support and guidance specific to your unique pregnancy experience.

“I have no doubt that working with Lauren throughout my pregnancies and birth preparations had an incredible impact on the way my babies entered the world.  Lauren’s sparkling passion and enormous wisdom surrounding pregnancy and birthing enabled me to approach my pregnancies and births with a sense of peace, excitement and confidence. For me, giving birth was a truly transformative experience and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Lauren whilst I was pregnant.  With my whole heart I recommend getting in touch with Lauren to anyone that is pregnant - she’s amazing!"

- Emma Horton Registered nurse and health coach & mother of 2

“Lauren Falconer has brought boundless wisdom, love and nurturing support into my life for nearly 6 years. From the blissful sanctuary she creates in her pre-natal classes, to her incredible mental and physical strengthening birth preparation. My pregnancies were better thanks to Lauren. My births were directly better (and enjoyable) thanks to Lauren. My recovery was better thanks to Lauren and my return to my self as ‘mother + me’ was better thanks to Lauren. I wish every woman to have the gift of Lauren and her bountiful love in their lives.”

- Skye Gowrie Smith Mother of 2

Why should you join Spirit Birth?

If you want to create a positive birth experience.
If you want to release fear and worry.
If you believe in giving your baby a gentle start to life
If you feel overwhelmed and confused, and in need of loving support and guidance
If you want to know how your body works and what it needs to birth with more ease and efficiency
If you want to learn breathing, massage and visualization techniques for birth that really work.
You want to learn more about how to move and position your body during labour.
You love yoga and want prenatal practices specifically designed to prepare you for birth and motherhood.
You want guided meditations and visualizations specifically designed for pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
You want to connect with the sacredness & spiritual dimensions of pregnancy and birth.
You love the convenience & ease of on line support.
“Lauren holds an incredibly supportive and accepting space and I found that due to her classes I was really looking forward to the birthing process. Lauren has a wonderful gift.  Her reassurance, understanding and sensitivity is priceless in aiding women to make the transition into motherhood. "

- Madeline Campbell Creator of Campbell and Co and Mother of 2

“Prior to falling pregnant, I was quite naïve about the birthing process, even fearful of it thinking it would be so painful. I absorbed Lauren’s wise words, week after week, changing my thought processes and views of pregnancy and birth. I’m not sure I would have had the same amazing experiences – with such awareness and self-belief – without Lauren’s support. I tell every pregnant woman in my life to connect with Lauren!"

- Jacqui Kwong Mother of 2 & Editor

Frequently Asked Questions…

Nothing within the Spirit Birth program or on is providing medical advice. The content on this site is designed for education and information purposes only and may not be substituted for medical advice. The information contained on this site is general in nature and it is not intended to replace medical advice offered by qualified medical professionals. Please seek medical advise for any birth, pregnancy or health related issues.

I believe so strongly in the value of this course and know the power in continued practice, however if you do not feel satisfied with the content and delivery, please email me within 14 days of purchase at

Spirit Birth is designed to be an ongoing companion for pregnancy and early motherhood. It will compliment all other birth education you participate in.

No problem. As all the content is available to you straight away you are able to move through all the modules and practices in the last few weeks of your pregnancy and then enjoy the final module dedicated to the postnatal period.

YES! Spirit Birth has been designed to support mothers from the beginning of the pregnancy journey through to the later weeks in pregnancy. You can join anytime and receive enormous benefit.

The course is housed in a private membership portal. You will receive a unique log in and password once you join. You will have access to all the modules straight away, however I recommend moving through in the way that it is set up. Module 1 through to 5.

I so look forward to welcoming you into the Spirit Birth community and together creating a nourishing, sacred & positive birth experience.

With love,

Lauren x

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