Pregnancy Meditation {BUNDLE}


Pregnancy Meditations:

Happy Place Meditation

Breath Awareness

Grounding and Centering

Releasing Fear Meditation

Mantra Meditation

These meditations were created for my Spirit Birth on line program. If you intend to buy that program, which I highly recommend as your pregnancy companion, birth preparation and support for early motherhood, then please do not double up by buying these bundles.



Gorgeous pregnant Mama! Forgive my bluntness….but these meditations are an absolute must! Especially if you’re feeling overly busy, nervous, scared or unprepared. Weaving quiet moments into your life through pregnancy will support you on such a deep level. It will prepare you for ALL birth and is a gift to your baby and their nervous system.

Through these meditations you will learn skills that will profoundly support your nervous system, soothe your mind, prepare you for birth, release fears and connect you with your wise intuition.

Its especially important in the current time that we live, to slow down, take a few minutes each day to tune in, release the old, connect with the incredible changes that are taking place inside of you and communicate with your baby.


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