Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

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Mindfulness Meditation for Mothers.


Don’t be afraid to put yourself first…

An 8 week online course for Mothers


Hello love,
Before you flick past this I invite you to take a long – slow – deep breath in & out, settle in to your body.
If you feel called to find out more about how to deeply care for yourself in a self guided way….grab a cuppa and read on…or scroll straight to the bottom for all the details.

There’s no question as women and mothers in this current social construct, we ‘do’ and ‘give’ a lot.
Yes, we have a natural affinity to nurture and love. Definitely.
However, when we give beyond what we have, we burn out. We feel the demands of life much more severely.
We become reactive.
Exhausted. Frustrated. Resentful…

For so long I chose ‘likeability over alignment‘.
Even within my own home. Feeling the pressure to perform, to be the ‘best’ mother and wife that I could be.
I’d feel guilty and stressed if I didn’t have the energy to cook or keep the house just so, or have my kids school uniform clean and ready.
And so often I would choose to ‘just keep going’ – way beyond my desire or feeling of what was right for me personally.
Can you relate?

What shifted significantly for me was finding a self guided way to inner fulfillment.

NOT reaching endlessly outside for my happiness, and knowing when to stop.
A daily self care (mindfulness meditation) practice that was simple, that fit in to my life, that fit in to my CYCLIC nature as a woman, and that brought me closer to my truest self without any overwhelm or guilt.

Lets face it, life can be relentless. The ‘do to’ lists never end. Mouths always want more and more meals and snacks, our home pulls our attention, there’s always clothes to wash, schedules to remember, bills to pay….and then there’s our own creative work, jobs, businesses to run, not to mention relationships and partners.

Where’s the pleasure, or the inspiration, or the ability to know what we need?

The fact is there’s very little pleasure in constantly moving and doing and thinking and pushing.
There’s very little joy, sensuality or delight in being on a hamster wheel.

Lets get off.
Its time we intentionally put ourselves first – in simple ways that lead to profound FULFILLMENT, greater HEALTH and lives we love.

Lets create an overflow within ourselves.
It’s not hard I promise.
This is why I’ve created an….

8 week Mindfulness Meditation course (online) for Mothers.

At it’s core this experience is SIMPLE. Profound. And just the sacred space you’ve been looking to gently land in.

Here’s how I believe you’ll benefit:

And so much more….

This is the time right now to be connecting deeply with our inner resources and stepping in to our powerful authority as women.
Crafting a life that you truely want to experience.
Redefining what being a successful woman looks like.
Claiming our unique gifts and talents and letting go of the old and tired ways that are simply not allowing us to evolve or enjoy our lives.

If this feels relevant and charming BOOK in today.
Let your body will guide you, not your head.

Places are very limited as I want to hold this sacred space for a small group of women only.

How it works:

We begin on Monday August 24th with a live call and finish 8 weeks later on Thursday October 15th.
A sacred and welcoming space will be created for our time together over the 8 weeks.

Each week on Monday you will receive a video via email, sharing an element of the practice we will learn together.
You can watch this in your own time and there won’t be ‘extra’ work or work sheets or anything like that.
It will simply be, exploring that part of the practice.

Then on Thursday evenings we will meet LIVE via ZOOM at 8pm and practice together, plus have a Q&A  / mentoring session where we can share our experience and get clarity on the practice, plus explore what’s coming up for us as we tend to ourselves in this way.
Thursday sessions will be recorded in case you cannot be on live.

I will slowly build on the practice so you can fully integrate it, and we can avoid feelings of being rushed, overwhelmed or confused.

You will also have access to an online portal where all videos will be stored for easy access.

I’m sharing with you a practice that will be yours to enjoy for life.
It’s an ancient Yogic Kriya shared in a modern and relatable way for us as Mothers to digest and reap the most incredible benefits.
Investment is: $350.00, however the value, honestly, is priceless.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
I can’t wait to share this with those of you who feel ready to bring more balance and more joy into your life.

If you’re charmed in any way – reach out.
Much love,


Email with any questions.




lf_testimonial-images_helen “Lauren is an inspiration! Her one-on-one coaching has helped my family and I to live a calm, balanced and love filled life. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone starting a journey into motherhood.

Helen Bahlas

“Lauren teaches self-connectedness, which has been HUGE for me, particularly post-birth and in parenting my children. Lauren has taught me so much! Ladies, this woman is more than a yoga teacher! She’s a life guide. Not only did she teach me how to enjoy the birthing process – and see the ‘sweetness beyond intensity’, but through her I’ve learnt how to soak up the precious moments of motherhood and life, to slow down and become more connected to myself, which has had a massive positive influence on me and my relationships.

– Jacqui Kwong


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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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