Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

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Integrated Mentoring with Lauren

Welcome my love…




I’m so happy you have landed here in this space.

This is your turn.

Your time to be held, heard and supported deeply.


1:1 time with me is held with sacred presence and loving intention. This space we enter together is cosy, welcoming, safe and reverent. Its within our portal together that transformation and change exquisitely occurs.

Together cultivates a deeper connection to your inner world and therefore a direct relationship with your own wisdom & guidance.


As we learn to rewire our brains, process emotion, re-parent ourselves and develop robust nervous systems we can enjoy ALL of life. We don’t want to NOT feel intensity and sadness or even frustration and anger. We want to learn HOW to feel those emotions, how to master our emotional states of being so we can process, release and in an embodied powerful way ~ create the life we crave, a life of ARTISTRY, beauty & more time feeling connected, safe, compassionate, creative, joyful, loving, kind, patient,  _______ fill in what is important to you.

As we discover how to live in a more regulated system – we also discover our own personal medicine. No one knows what you ‘need’ and desire like you do. No coach knows whats ‘good for you’ like you do.

This is what we harvest through our sessions ~ a greater connection to you own souls knowing and guidance.


As we connect and work together….

Expect a decrease of stress & reactivity, refined skills at navigating life with ease and flow, masterful understanding of how to bring in to form (manifest) what you desire, and greater personal alignment with your souls longing.

Along with a deeper capacity to connect with your loved ones and other humans in general, understanding how to support friends and family as they navigate their own emotions and precious lives.


We explore and use many areas & modalities as relevant and helpful ~ including Emotional Sovereignty, de-conditioning, cyclic self care, Shamanic practices, Human Design, along with the Yogic Sciences of breath work, movement and meditation in order to increase energy, stabilize inner fulfillment and greater resilience.


I provide practices to help support your personal intentions & everyday life.
I do not have an agenda, rather I am guided by where you are & whats arising session to session.

Your commitment to integrate what we explore together is an important part of the potential changes that you’ll experience

I offer a complimentary first  session for anyone truely called to this support.

This isn’t a ‘FREE’ session, or a one off mentoring call ~ rather its a gateway into further support if we both feel a resonant connection and a YES to continue.



Single Session Immersion: 75 mins
ZOOM Exchange $200 | IN PERSON exchange $250

Embrace Change: 3 x 1 hours (Over 3 or 6 weeks) ZOOM Exchange $550 | IN PERSON exchange $750

Alignment Liberation: 6 x 1 hours (Over 6 weeks to 3 months) ZOOM Exchange $1000 | IN PERSON exchange $ 1500

(Please note for IN PERSON sessions I come to you. Anywhere up to 50km from Sydney center or from Northern Beaches)


Included where supportive:

Mini Human Design reading & working through that lens.
Ongoing energetic personalized practices, meditations & promts designed specifically for you, given on our calls, or sent between sessions.

Plus email and voxer support – as desired between sessions.


Email: to book your session


There is no content to display.

Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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