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Essential Oils

Pure Botanicals from Mother Earth…

If you have a beaming desire within to feel confident & calm about making aligned health choices for yourself and your family, you need two things: 1.The right kind of information & 2.The right kind of support.



Enter…. dõTERRA Essential Oils.

The highest quality (certified pure therapeutic grade) containing absolutely no fillers, no synthetics & no nasties!

The other MAGIC ingredient = A divine community of like-minded, supportive women. This special element is what made me completely fall in love with doTERRA. I wasn’t lost, not knowing what to do with these little bottles. I was completely supported & inspired by an amazing group of women and other mothers.



So BEAUTY….if you know this is right for you, and you’re ready to enjoy all the goodness, nourishment, self care and natural solutions these amazing oils offer – simply follow the simple steps below…you’ll never look back.




Click here to my doterra page

To create a wholesale account you follow these simple steps: (The wholesale account gives you 25% off ALL purchases for a year and there are ZERO obligations in terms of purchases)

There are 2 ways to set up your wholesale account:

  1. You start with an enrolment kit – my big tip would be the  Natural Solutions Kit or the Home Essentials Kit. The Home Essentials Kit gives you the top 10 oils and the Petal Diffuser (best diffuser I’ve ever used!) And when you start with  an enrolment kit the $35 membership fee is waived.
  2. OR, You pay the $35 membership fee and customise your order. This is a one off fee and gives you 25% off ALL products for an entire year.

1 Go through to my site:
2 Click on Join and Save rather than Shop.
3 Choose the country you want your products shipped to.
4 Select 2nd option – WHOLESALE CUSTOMER (which gives you wholesale prices)
5 Choose the Kit you’d like OR the selection of oils. Add anything else you’d like by simply typing it in where it say ‘add other items’. If you decide to start with a kit – your membership fee is included. If you start with just a few oils and a diffuser you add the enrollment packet for $35 (this gives you wholesale pricing)
6 Fill in the rest of your details and that’s it.

Look at the different kits here.




So happy to help & guide you on this journey.
Once you receive your oils we will set up a skype mentoring session. Which is an amazing way for you to get to know your oils and find all the resources you need too.

There are no contracts, minimum spends or lock in purchases.
There IS…great products at an awesome discount and the best community ever!
Plus an incredible Loyalty Rewards Program. It’s like a frequent flyer program. Giving you product points that you redeem for FREE product along with  a free oil every month.

I would love to offer you guidance on your oily journey and being part of my Sacred Essentials community means being looked after and supported.

Why get a WHOLESALE account?

This was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my family. These certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils have changed our lives dramatically, and being able to purchase them at a 25% discount is such a gift.

I’ve found incredible support for our immunity, respiratory health, digestion, muscular and skeletal, mental, emotional, energy, mood, sleep, skin health, spiritual support and so much more. Time and time again I am blown away by how these little bottles of pure plant medicine support us deeply and help us to stay well in a WHOLE and nourished way.

We now have natural solutions, and LOW toxic load in our home. Chemicals have a massive detrimental impact on our health in so many ways. They disrupt our respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive systems, organ body, and of course our skin. Saying goodbye to these products that have nasty side effects has been empowering and life changing! No longer do I want to have products in my home that I don’t understand. (If you read an ingredient list and have no idea what any of it means……your body has no idea what to do with it either!)

And mostly I don’t want that junk in these little bodies!













doTERRA is also providing me with financial freedom and time freedom. This is a business model that is inspired and empowering me and many other women to live out of the BOX. To be unlimited. To live the way we desire – and not just how we’ve been told to live. Why should Mama’s go back to work and leave their small babes when they really don’t want to? Why should we be in the grind….working to live and living to work. No thank you! With doTERRA I partner with soul sisters. Together, linking arms we rise and share and step into a life of abundance, freedom and joy, helping others to find Natural Solutions and health.

And here’s how WE could work together…

When I help you get started with your oil journey, I also offer myself as a mentor, helping you clearly understand how to support yourself and your family’s health. Check out my Sacred Essentials FB group here:

If you are interested in the BUSINESS side of dōTERRA then I will be your mentor and guide in helping you create abundance, freedom and personal growth.

Let’s be clear…I’m not in the business of selling.

I AM absolutely in the business of empowering, leading and helping other women to thrive.

If you are instantly pulled by this opportunity with a flutter in your heart and an inner knowing that this is absolutely right for you…I would love to connect.


If you want to know more…this is a great INTERVIEW I did with 2 amazing women and mama’s running very successful doTERRA businesses. Why the doTERRA business is perfect for mothers.

Let me know if you have any questions at all – email


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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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