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Rest Liberation

Rest Liberation

R E S T Liberation Circle…

(Saturday December 12th 10.45am – 12pm) Book here

Do you feel more than ever we need to R E S T?

Soothe our tired minds and bodies from a year that has been……
(I’m at a loss for words to describe it – but we all know, right?)
We need this kind of peace.

We’ve been great at grinding, doing, achieving, producing, running around and making life happen for a long time. This year has been no exception.
2020 has pushed and pulled and stretched us beyond what any of us could have dreamed up.

And now, I feel us all craving REST.
Rest in order to allow for the growth that is happening within our very cells.
Rest so that we can step into a higher possibility.
Rest so our nervous system is ready for what is next to come.

How ‘good’ are we (as a collective) at resting?

The fact is, most of us are exhausted, we’ve been conditioned for productivity. Our worth and our value conveniently wrapped up in how much we do.
Machine like in our capacity to go go go.

When we’re stuck in the stress response, (even a mild daily undercurrent of stress) when we run around believing we can ‘do everything’, we are in many ways, imprisoned by our own chemistry.
We’re not free to enjoy our lives. We’re easily reactive, misled, highly distracted and in many ways ‘hypnotized’.
We give away our power, our liberation, our creativity, our peace, our joy and our ability to be ‘free thinkers’ ~ to innovate.
And that is a dangerous place for us to be.

We neeeeeeeeed R E S T so we can be awake!
LUXURIOUS rest, scheduled rest, real deep body rest.
Nothing distracting you, no possible threats or unexpected encounters, no demands, no kids ~ nothing but you.

Sound amazing? Or terrifying?

Either way ~ we need it.

I don’t want to go down the ‘rest will help you be more productive’ pathway…
We’re already ridiculously productive, OR we’re so exhausted that the thought of productivity makes us run for the hills.

I want to stay with the clear and important truth ~ this kind of rest will help you release accumulated stress, it will invoke the relaxation response and the nectar of the parasympathetic nervous system. It will enhance your connection to your own body, to your feelings, and it will allow your inner knowing and intuition to be felt and trusted.
It will make you feel light, satisfied, peaceful, filled up, at home.

From that place we find creative solutions to our problems, we can DAYDREAM, cleanse, heal our bodies.
We can choose where to place our precious energy.
We can vision and manifest from an inspired place, we can be in conscious relationship with those we love. We ELEVATE our energy & our lives.

The push to work 24/7 is insanity!
I know as a Mother, a wife, a business owner, a home maker, an avid student ~ I can end up doing almost 3 work shifts in one day.
I know lot’s of you are doing the same thing.
And then, comes the GUILT about resting – or wanting to rest, feeling tired all the time, not knowing how to say NO.


Why has there been this relentless push to have us step onto the hamster wheel?
At what cost will we stay there?

Lets instead, embrace our natural desire to slow down.
To integrate.
To be kind and compassionate to ourselves.
Lets reclaim our power, our creativity, our health, our sanity, our capacity to think clearly and freely, to innovate, to enjoy life, to hold intensity, to be whole and embodied ~ through the simple and luxurious portal of REST.

I warmly invite you to join my first REST LIBERATION CIRCLE.
Saturday December 12th, 10.45-12pm.

  • We’ll enjoy simple breath practices and guided relaxation to help open the space for us to pause and settle our nervous system.
  • We will of course – REST – in the most lush way (think shavasana / yoga nidra but limited talking) Basically you – in the most comfortable position – allowing your whole being to surrender.
  • We’ll explore how to weave REST into our everyday lives, how this helps us manage stress – all without experiencing guilt or shame.
  • We’ll sip tea, enjoy snacks and ultimately open up space for rest to become an ALLY in our lives.
  • And, we’ll feel deeply into the benefits of this as an ongoing practice.

Rest is not idleness.
You are not ‘doing nothing’.
It is not a waste of time.
There’s nothing to feel bad about.
You are actively making a choice to take the greatest care of yourself.
It is doing less to BE more.
There honestly couldn’t be a more potent time for us to engage in this kind of loving practice.

I’d love to share this with you.

BOOK here.
And for those of you with a current yoga pass – you can book using 2 credits off your pass. Simply email me for this option.





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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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