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Kind Words

– Claire Obeid, from The Wellness Project

“After working with Lauren our whole approach to the birth of our first child changed. We began to really look forward to the birth and prepare together using yoga, massage, meditations and reading as recommended by Lauren. We had a lovely peaceful birth and we have amazing memories from the day our daughter was born. Thank you Lauren!”

– Lisa Park

“Laurens ability to support and hold space for a birthing woman is beyond remarkable. She embodies all the precious qualities of the Mother in her teaching, and her work as a Doula making her a true master in her field. First time mum at 42, I attended Laurens prenatal Yoga classes throughout my second and third trimester. These sessions provided a safe, guided space for me to explore and discover a new level of confidence in my changing body. Informative, nurturing and insightful, I found Laurens prenatal courses were incredibly valuable in preparation for each stage of my pregnancy, and my birthing experience. Her wisdom and gentle guidance dissolved uncertainties. With knowledge gained on completion of the Calm Birth course, I felt empowered and completely enthusiastic to embrace the imminent experience of birthing my baby, wholeheartedly. At the birth, Laurens work as a Doula was invaluable and offered inexhaustible strength with such love, respect and integrity.”

– Judy Wilson, Mother, Vedic Meditation Teacher)

“Attending pre natal yoga classes with Lauren at The LifePod gave me and my baby the best set up for the birthing process and assisted me in enjoying my pregnancy more than I ever could have imagined. As we all know life is busy, taking the time in Lauren’s beautiful yoga classes gave me the opportunity to really connect with my baby. Her classes also helped me train my attitude and mind and get me so excited for the birthing process. I was lucky enough to have Lauren as my Doula at my birth, and she was amazing! She just new what I needed without me having to say a thing. It takes a lot of pressure of the dad’s too! What I loved most was her positive encouragement.  I really had the best experience and result. All in all I don’t think there is anything else I could have done more to prepare myself for pregnancy and childbirth, physically and mentally. I couldn’t speak higher of Lauren and my experience.”

– Paloma Rose, Owner at Oscar Oscar and Mother of 2 boys

“Lauren Falconer was an important part of all three of my children’s lives well before they were born. Prenatal yoga and the connection I had with Lauren was an integral part of my pregnancies, labours and births on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Her classes allowed me to re-center, reconnect and reenergize each and every week. When I was pregnant with my first child I was filled with equal parts excitement and trepidation for the unknown. Lauren’s classes allowed me to share these feelings and experiences with other women on the same journey. During my second and third pregnancies I felt somewhat less anxious, however the need to re-center and reenergize myself was needed more than ever. This time allowed me to connect with my body, my heart and my baby.  All that I have learnt with Lauren I carried with me into labour, birth and motherhood. Lauren is calm, warm and real, with an intuitive understanding of women during pregnancy and all the tenderness they need

– Tess Whiteman mother of 3 and creator of The Baking Papers

“ If you are looking for prenatal support in preparation for childbirth with a holistic approach, Lauren is your go-to person. Lauren is a gifted yoga teacher, doula and a mother with decades of experience and knowledge which shines through in every class. She is highly respected amongst her peers and I’ve enjoyed her general yoga classes for many years. More recently whilst being pregnant, I attended her prenatal yoga classes and would leave feeling mentally stronger, grounded and much more confident with the concept of giving birth. She offers practical tools and techniques that I found useful throughout my pregnancy and I loved how she weaves her spiritual wisdom into every session. Lauren is passionate, has integrity in her work and is refreshingly authentic – she is the real deal. Oh and a complete goddess too! I’d highly recommend checking out her classes and courses.”

– Angel Singmin Mother & creator of The Future Sound of Yoga

“Lauren was a reassuring embrace for my husband & I during my labour; warm, nurturing & supportive. Like in an embrace she held us together & made us strong together. She was the support we both needed to make our labour an experience that was so special. Lauren exceeded all my ideas of what her role would be, as she does in each of her yoga classes & all she offers. Her personal touch to all she does is not only authentic & professional, but also heartfelt & like no other that I have experienced. I cannot recommend enough pursuing the experience you hope to engage in with Lauren. You will not regret it & you will not have another opportunity like that which Lauren offers.

– Monique Blackwell ‘Little Things Yoga’ 

“ I have no doubt that working with Lauren throughout my pregnancies and birth preparations had an incredible impact on the way my babies entered the world.  Lauren’s sparkling passion and enormous wisdom surrounding pregnancy and birthing enabled me to approach my pregnancies and births with a sense of peace, excitement and confidence.  Both my husband and I learnt skills that were invaluable in welcoming our babies into the world in the calm natural way that we desired – both births were different but equally beautiful.  For me, giving birth was a truly transformative experience and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Lauren whilst I was pregnant.  With my whole heart I recommend getting in touch with Lauren to anyone that is pregnant – she’s amazing!

– Emma Horton – Mother & Registered Nurse & Health Coach

“Working with Lauren Falconer is an absolute joy.  Lauren’s pre natal yoga classes were such an important part of both of my pregnancies.  Her classes give women the tools to respect and wonder at their bodies during such an emotional and often busy and stressful time.  I loved spending time amongst other pregnant women, looking inward and connecting with my babies.  Lauren holds an incredibly supportive and accepting space and I found that due to her classes I was really looking forward to the birthing process. Lauren has a wonderful gift.  Her reassurance, understanding and sensitivity is priceless in aiding women to make the transition into motherhood.

– Madeline Campbell – Mother and creator of Campbell and Co

“ Lauren is an incredible, mindful & empowering woman. Her Calmbirth class took away my fear and enabled me to give birth in a relaxed, intimate and loving way. She is an inspiration and her one-on-one coaching has helped my family and I to live a calm, balanced and love filled life. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone starting a journey into motherhood.

– Helen Bahas

“Lauren has a wonderful gift. Where to even begin with how her teachings have helped me! When I started her prenatal yoga classes halfway through my first pregnancy, I had no idea what a profoundly positive effect they were going to have on me personally as well as on my, now two, birthing experiences. Prior to falling pregnant, I was quite naïve about the birthing process, even fearful of it thinking it would be so painful. I absorbed Lauren’s wise words, week after week, changing my thought processes and views of pregnancy and birth. A few of the main learnings about the birthing experience from Lauren’s teachings were the breathing – oh, the breathing! – to become focused and centred, and the powerful use of mantras. Throughout both my pregnancies, I used mantra meditation repeating one of the mantras Lauren uses in her classes: “I breathe in I open, I breathe out I relax” for hours and hours…and hours and hours. I learnt that you can literally breathe life into the world. How incredible! While I was extremely lucky and am forever grateful to have had two healthy pregnancies and labours, I’m not sure I would have had the same amazing experiences – with such awareness and self-belief – without Lauren’s classes. Lauren also teaches self-connectedness, which has been HUGE for me, particularly post-birth and in parenting my children. Lauren has taught me so much! Ladies, this woman is more than a yoga teacher! She’s a life guide. Not only did she teach me how to enjoy the birthing process – and see the ‘sweetness beyond intensity’, but through her I’ve learnt how to soak up the precious moments of motherhood and life, to slow down and become more connected to myself, which has had a massive positive influence on me and my relationships. I tell every pregnant woman in my life to get to Lauren’s classes! She may teach Calmbirth (which is also awesome, by the way!), but she also teaches ‘Calmlife’. Thank you Lauren for everything!

– Jacqui Kwong, Mother of two, magazine editor and very slow founder of The Next Thing – a place to read about people who are following their life’s passion to live more purposefully

“I was lucky enough to do both prenatal yoga & birth support with Lauren. Early in my pregnancy I was daunted by all the ‘unknowns’ of childbirth & life with a baby. (Not to mention the conflicting information). Lauren’s practical advice, support & wisdom helped me to enjoy my pregnancy & I was grateful to have these tools when my birth didn’t go to plan. My little boy is now 3yo & I can honestly say not a week goes by without me drawing on the practices I learned with her through pregnancy. It has helped me find the joy in the everyday. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.

– Amy Rose – Mother & creator of Resting Stop.

“I met Lauren when we had just moved to Sydney and I was pregnant with our first child. I was extremely scared about birth – the whole event felt like a runaway train and I thought there were no good options to get a baby out of me! I started to attend Lauren’s prenatal yoga classes and these became a highlight of my pregnancy – the classes were nurturing, welcoming, and provided support and education at the same time. I can’t recommend them – or the incredible energy that Lauren creates – highly enough. I then decided to enrol in a calmbirth course with Lauren, and this totally revolutionised how I came to experience the birth of our daughter. I gained more confidence and information about birth from the course, and Lauren than I did from any obstetrician or hospital birthing course. Our daughter was breech and the labour resulted in a c-section. By the time I was pregnant with our son I really wanted to try a VBAC delivery. Lauren was the first and only person I wanted by my side for this (other than my husband!), so I was thrilled when she was happy to be our doula. Our son’s birth was quite honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I really put this all down to Lauren. I can’t even describe how supported I felt having her with me, both during pregnancy and labour. She knew exactly what I needed at different times and held the space for me so incredibly, and we were lucky enough to be able to deliver him as a VBAC. Only three years earlier I had felt so terrified about labour and birth, and I credit that shift to Lauren’s gentle, empathetic, heartfelt and open guidance. She truly has been a blessing in my life.

– Emma Wheater, Mother of 2, freelance journalist, writer & Vedic Meditation teacher

“I first had the joy of meeting Lauren and experiencing the benefit of her work back in 2008 when I was pregnant with my first child. To this day I still go to a weekly yoga class with Lauren, which gives you a sense of the impact she has had on my life.  Practicing prenatal yoga with Lauren was a fantastic way for me to help prepare my body and my mind for both my son’s birth and parenting more generally. It was great to experience through her exercises, how strong my body was, even while carrying quite a significant extra load! More importantly for me, my prenatal work with Lauren helped me to realise how important it was for my life to carve out time for yoga practice when I became an exhausted and frazzled new Mum. I relished the hour I spent every week at her Mums and Bubs class. It was the only time for me once my son arrived,, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about it as he was there with me and enjoying it too.

– Lorna Conlon Mother of 2

“I wanted to thank you for all the support throughout my pregnancy. Your prenatal yoga classes made my pregnancy incredibly enjoyable and your classes were something I looked forward to every week! I am already missing them dearly.

– Crystle Dignadice

“I have been working with Lauren both professionally and personally for many years. She is one of the most caring and nurturing practitioners I have ever met. Her prenatal yoga was my saviour during my pregnancies as I found it not only kept my body strong and fit, but it became a meditation for my mind and helped me relax. I love that during the yoga sessions she focuses on connecting with your baby using language that is empowering and positive – giving you a chance to enhance the positive feelings towards birth and parenting. Lauren is so dedicated to her work and it comes out when you meet her. She is passionate, committed and very hard working which is what makes her a wonderful teacher, colleague and friend.

– Nicola Marishel

“Lauren Falconer has brought boundless wisdom, love and nurturing support into my life for nearly 6 years. From the blissful sanctuary she creates in her pre-natal classes, to the incredible mentally and physically strengthening birth preparation through calmbirth, to a playful space for mums and bubs yoga and finally through holistic life coaching to help me find my own identity again in amongst the chaos of life with young children. Lauren gifts us with a soulful connection to the women’s tribe, the supportive ‘village’ mentality. Where women feel strengthened by their connection to each other as well as grounded and empowered by the strength within themselves. My pregnancies were better thanks to Lauren. My births were directly better (and enjoyable) thanks to Lauren. My recovery was better thanks to Lauren and my return to my self as ‘mother + me’ was better thanks to Lauren. I wish every woman to have the gift of Lauren and her bountiful love in their lives.”

– Skye Gowrie-Smith

“Lauren’s passion to support women shines through in a way that I find open, honest and real. Having been a follower of Lauren’s yoga classes before pregnancy, I was really excited to be able to join in on her offerings to women during motherhood. Through a combination of movement and gaining insight into the mind, Lauren’s prenatal classes have opened my heart to becoming a mother in a way I never imagined possible and I am so thankful for her wisdom and guidance. I also signed up with my husband, Tom, for her Calmbirth class, which has enriched our experience of pregnancy and filled us with knowledge, a deep connection, hope and much joy about becoming parents. Lauren comes highly recommended!

– Clare Bitmead

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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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