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‘Its good to FEEL’ Complimentary Session

‘Its good to FEEL’ Complimentary Session

Hi there,

If you’ve landed on this page you’re ready to BOOK your 45 min complimentary session with me. Wonderful!

I honestly cannot wait.

If that’s the case & you don’t need anymore information…simply email: with the subject line ‘It’s good to feel’.

I’ll be in touch with  a selection of possible days / times for you to choose from, and we will book you in.


For those of you who would like a little more information… it is.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, & stressed out….

If you’ve been arguing with your partner, snapping at your kids, or frustrated that you’re the ONLY one who cleans up…

If you’ve been experiencing self doubt, a lack of worth, feeling small and adjusting who you are to make others more comfortable….

If you have big feelings but don’t know how to navigate them, and feel triggered by other people’s feelings….

Understanding Neurochemistry will help.

I can help.

We all have these moments when life feels off. We’re frustrated, reactive, angry, scared and feeling out of touch with the people we love and with ourselves.

On the other hand we all know those moments in our lives when we feel completely in the FLOW! Life is grand….opportunities are everywhere, there’s a lightness to all we do. We have great ideas, experience joy, our relationships are rich and connection is ease-full.

Both contrasting situations are governed by a particular part of your brain.

This is neurochemistry.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unsafe or threatened in anyway (be it by a toddler having a tantrum or a partner who seems to not be listening) you are operating from your SURVIVAL BRAIN. Here you have four options……fight (yell), flee (get out of there), freeze (do nothing and pull the covers over your head), OR appease (do everything in order to keep the peace).

Not the best options – but this is all the SURVIVAL brain is going to allow you to choose from, and its where most of the population is operating from due to a lack of emotional support and safety when we were growing up. This is NOT about pointing fingers at our parents. They did what they had been taught.

HOWEVER – when we are equipped with strategies to effectively soothe our SURVIVAL brain, we are granted access to our EMOTIONAL brain. When our EMOTIONAL brain receives what it needs, and has space to fully express in a safe and compassionate environment…..we get access to our EXECUTIVE BRAIN.

And this is where we are in the FLOW of life. We are in touch with our brilliance, we can use logic, we are creative, compassionate, resilient and sovereign.


This is what we want….more of our lives lived from our EXECUTIVE brain function. 


And that is the basis of this work.

It is a process of re-wiring our brains.

Re-parenting ourselves.

Recognizing when we’re in a particular state, and having the appropriate tools to tend to ourselves and others with compassion. With understanding, with patience, with kindness.

This is EMOTIONAL SOVEREIGNTY and I would love to offer you this 45 min COMPLIMENTARY session to see if this work is a resonant match.

This is NOT a ‘FREE’ session.

Think of it as a GIFT for those of you who resonate with what you’ve read and felt so far.

I look forward to supporting you,

All my love,

Lauren xx

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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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