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I Wanna Be WILD

I Wanna Be WILD


That feels so damn good – simply to write it.

“Be wild” – said no one to me growing up.

Kids I guess are wild enough – living so fully in the present, they embody natural, raw, untamable energy.
Which is why adults spend so much time trying to CONTAIN THEM!

As a doula I’ve been witness to A LOT of WILDNESS. Raw, wild women birthing their babes.
It is the most inspiring space to hold.

As a shamanic woman-crafter I have dived deep into the natural rhythms of our earth, deep into what it REALLY means to be a woman – beyond the mental constructs of our time and what others have told us, or modeled for us.

I realize more and more that we’ve been so preened, curated, manicured and molded.

But, just as we layered on these costumes of other peoples desires and expectations…we can also take them off.

We can take them off and feel deep into our wild selves!

We can once again align with our INTUITION, with NATURE, with the natural RHYTHMS of our earth.

Being WILD and FREE doesn’t mean being irresponsible, reckless or dangerous.
It feels much safer to me…to truely know myself, the true me. To feel my instincts, my edges, my limitations and my full capacity.

It gives us the courage to QUESTION…….
Question the status quo…..

Why do I do that?
Say that?
Buy that?
Apply that?
Think that?
Believe that?
Consume that?

Being WILD and FREE opens the door to our deeper selves – and this means POWER, COURAGE, STRENGTH, RESILIENCE, SURRENDER and CREATIVITY.

it means LIVING outside the box!

More and more this is what makes my heart sing! Leading a life of my own design.
Not caring so much about what other people think.
Following my bliss not obligation.

Part of my journey back to Wholeness, Wildness and Nature has been through the creation of my small business with doTERRA.

An inspired opportunity to be FREE on many levels comes with the business I’m creating.
A life most certainly out of the box.
Away from the constraints of time for money and soul sucking obligations that are totally out of alignment with my deeper, wild self.
Instead, I have a tribe of soul sisters ( and my blood sister ) creating epic change and gifting to one another the most nourishing support and guidance.

Together we are carving out the NEW WAY.


If this speaks to you….like really speaks to you.

Lets connect.

I’m welcoming TWO new gorgeous women into my conscious enterprise. If you feel called to step into freedom, health, creativity and a thriving community of 6 figure earning women….reach out.

Email me for more details and to set up a time to connect.

Lauren x

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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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