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Essential Oils for the Dark/New Moon

Essential Oils for the Dark/New Moon

It is a NEW MOON my friends….SHE is dark and New all within a moment…

New Beginnings are amplified.

Slow down loves, go within, pause and listen to your intuition.

For those of you who love to work with plant energy and wisdom,
natural solutions and earth based alternatives,
I wanted to give you a few suggestions on essential oils you can use to help you align with & embrace the energy of this MOON.

This is a way of offering yourself generous self care,
it makes space to pause,
slow down,
and intentionally communicate with your inner self.
This is a powerful time of casting intentions & wishes for the lunar cycle ahead,
and a time to release (once again) what is no longer serving you.

So my loves, Essential Oils that could assist beautifully during this time are:
Clary Sage
Wild Orange

Frankincense is the oil of intuitive connection and grounding. He will help to connect you to your roots and to your higher self. A perfect oil to use topically on your body, heart or third eye. Simply breathing in will be powerful also.
Affirmation: I call my higher self present.

Cypress helps us let go and trust in the process. A perfect oil to be diffusing with the New Moon – helping to release and trust in what is coming up.

Affirmation: I trust in myself

Lemongrass is the oil of CLEANSING. It helps us to release limiting beliefs and encourages free flowing energy. The new moon is a time when our limiting beliefs can come up to be sharply seen and felt. This oil diffused will help us to let go, move through and free up any blocks.

Affirmation: I let go and enjoy clarity.

Clary Sage is the oil of VISION. I love love this oil. Besides a wonderful oil to balance our hormones, it opens us up to see the possibilities. It expands our vision and this is so important at this time, as we are more perceptive with the Dark and New Moon. This wonderful botanical will help you expand even more and OPEN wider to your own calling.

Affirmation: I am open to the possibilities

Wild Orange is the oil of happiness, joy and abundance. This is a time in the cycle when we WANT to feel the energy of JOY. As much as we benefit from slowing down and letting go – we also want to cast our intentions and feel a brightness in our energy for the cycle ahead.

Affirmation: Joy is what I am

Rose is the Mother oil, providing so sweetly those deep nourishing femme vibes. Oh this oil is just so gorgeous. Truely a manifestation of the divine, and this is so needed during this time that can feel tender, intense and emotional. Rub her on your heart dear ones. Let her do the soothing work of settling your nervous system and wrapping you in her loving energy.

Affirmation: I am loved and seen.

I use & love doTERRA essential oils for their incredible purity and effectiveness.

These oils carry the energy of the plant, flower, root stem…..they are not diluted or synthetic like so many essential oils on the market.
If you’d like to know more about integrating this plant medicine into your life – reach out. You can also read more HERE about how to get these oils into your life.

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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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