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Are you ready for a WELLNESS REBELLION?

Are you ready for a WELLNESS REBELLION?

Your health is EVERYTHING…

No one cares about your health like you do… one.
No one will advocate for your kids wellbeing like YOU will.

Hello beauty!

This is on my heart right now.

CLEANING up our lives. GREENING up our homes.
With simplicity and ease and from a place of LOVE.
Re aligning with our Earth.
With divine feminine intention….

I know this may not be the sexiest topic,
and it may feel SO easy to quickly delete,
scroll past,
flick away…
BUT, please don’t.

Take one small moment to cast your attention to your WELLBEING.
The health of your most sacred space…

What’s inside your home?
How is it impacting…..
your mind
your kids
their hormones
YOUR hormones
your energy
sex drive
vital organ function

It took me a while to see the light on all this
and step into my own personal rebellion.

I did what I was told for a very long time!
I was dumbed down – for sure. OR I couldn’t be bothered to really look.

I took plastic bags from the supermarket when I forgot my cloth bag – which was often.
I bought store bought cleaning products
I put bleach down my toilet
I bought hot drinks in takeaway cups
I burnt soy candles
I had cold and flu medication in the cupboard
I put VICKS on my chest and on my kid
I sprayed ants or cockroaches with killing spray
I cleaned my oven with oven cleaner 😱
I purchased ‘one time use plastics’
Used straws without even a thought for our oceans
Ordered takeaway smoothies and juices that came in soft plastic.
Bought produce that had been shipped in from another country
And on and on…..

AND THEN I WOKE UP….and began to wonder….

Why would I do any of those things?
What was I modelling to my son?
Why did I think it was okay?
Who set that standard?
Why was I just following every one else?

Over the last 2 years we’ve made simple and powerful changes in many of these areas
And one of the FIRST was..
Looking at what was inside our home.

It wasn’t hard – it was INSPIRING, EMPOWERING and deeply aligned with who I truely am and the work I’m here to do in the world.

I NOW choose Natural Solutions.
I choose Toxic Free Living.
I clean with water, white vinegar, essential oils, bi carb, witch hazel….
NOT hazardous chemicals that are incredibly dangerous to our health.
I am now very conscious of what comes into our personal space
and how it affects my family.

If you STOP for just one moment and think about it….
Why would we clean with a product that has Health Warnings??
Why would we bring artificial fragrances and chemicals into our homes and apply them to our bodies?
Why would we drink out of something that leaches toxic chemicals?
So strange that this has become the norm.
And it has – become the norm.

So So strange to me……
But, I get it.
The bottom line is $$$$$$
Billion $ campaigns to make us think we need a whole heap of artificial crap to make us cleaner, sexier, worthier, prettier, HAPPIER!??
Well excuse me
BUT F*CK that!!!
Yes, I’ve been there. For sure.
NO I am not judging.
BUT – to make a change we must be able to BOTH….
See the problem
Move into aligned ACTION.
We have to make NEW decisions.
Kind decisions.

A gentle, loving, conscious solution.
Our own personal rebellion – for our health.
If you’re ready to hear.
And likely ONLY those ready to hear will have read this far.
SO – that’s YOU!

Here’s a link to a GREEN CLEANING e book I recently compiled.
E BOOK – A dedication to health
(If you’d like a PDF version just reply to this email and I’l attach it for you)

It’s a simple and effective way to start choosing greater health.
It’s inspiring to know we don’t need that entire aisle at the supermarket to clean our homes.
We need just a few basic ingredients.
Ingredients that will SUPPORT your health NOT deplete it.

This is a profound place to start.
The RIPPLE EFFECT that is created by bringing this practice into your home is powerful.

Many of the recipes use Essential Oils.
They are pure, plant botanicals that hold the wisdom of our earth.
They are chemicals found in nature.
They are incredibly effective without the SIDE EFFECTS.
BUT they are not all created in the same way
Which is why I partner with doTERRA.

If you don’t have these oils in your home – reach out and I will help you.
Or you can find all the details on how to purchase here:

I also offer a complimentary 1:1 ZOOM call to chat about the oils and how they could improve your health and home – before you purchase.
If you’d like that kind of support – it’s available.

Here’s to making the changes that will change our lives each and every day.
Here’s to saying NO to what isn’t serving our highest good & YES to what is.

With LOVE and awakening

Lauren x

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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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