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10 IMPORTANT tips to help you Optimize your Health at home in this time of great change.

10 IMPORTANT tips to help you Optimize your Health at home in this time of great change.

First lets understand stress…

(Video link to my online class where I share all this if you’d prefer VIDEO:

We have a primal brain that is always looking to protect us.
When we perceive a threat to our lives we activate the ‘fight and flight’ response.
Known as SURVIVAL mode. This is great if we are in danger however…

In our modern lives many are revved up in this response A LOT, and it’s usually from thoughts we’re thinking or minor incidences such as traffic jams, work pressure, finances or relationship difficulties. NOT because our actual safety is at risk.


The stress response was there originally to keep us safe and well NOT to make us sick.


It begins when the Amygdala (you could think of this as the fear center of the brain) perceives danger threatening you… sends a signal to the Hypothalamus, which is like the brains command center…
The Hypothalamus communicates through the nervous system to the rest of the body and it says EMERGENCY!!

At that point you’re also feeling a lot of emotion coursing through you, maybe panic, anxiety, extreme fear – which all adds to the intensity of the response and the amount of time you remain in it. The adrenal glands start pumping adrenalin through your system (giving you energy to fight or flee) which then affects many other systems in your body.

So when we are in the sympathetic nervous system (fight & flight) we are NOT in the parasympathetic nervous system which is known as the RELAXATION RESPONSE – and herein lies the problem. We are not resting, not rejuvenating & not balancing.

Cortisol & adrenalin are being dumped rapidly into our blood & curbing functions like immunity, digestion, reproduction and growth processes. Leading to DIS-EASE.

In summary the fight and flight response is like putting the accelerator of a car to the floor. It’s a state of high alert in which health & ongoing performance is compromised.
It’s also means we are not great at making sound decisions or reasoning. It does not think clearly! And right now we NEED to think clearly – we need to manage out thoughts and stay in our integrity and in our hearts.

We want to take our foot off the accelerator and put it on to the brake. We want lot’s of deep rest and deep breaths.

HOW…..lets focus on the solutions….



I know that’s not always easy but if I can do it – you can do it too.
Easiest way – breathe consciously and silently or out loud repeat a mantra.
Start by saying to your self  as you breathe, “I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out” = REALITY. Your deeper subconscious won’t argue and it will keep your mind steady.
When you steady your mind you start to powerfully call your energy back from all the other places its leaking out ie on worrying thoughts and scary predications of the future.
There’s no problem in the present moment, and we are safe in the present moment – this is peace.

Another effective practice – Slow the breath down and repeat the mantra SO-HUM – ‘I am that that I am’. Repeat So as you breathe in, Hum as you breathe out.
Relax your face, drop your shoulders, experience your physiology as it begins to change and you move toward rest and restore.

One of the other tools that I’ve found to be terrifically effective in helping to bring about relaxation is using doTERRA essential oils. I use frankincense daily to help me stay grounded and feeling at ease within myself.

1 drop in my palms, rub together and breathe in deeply 3 times. I also use this oil on my face (1 drop in my moisturizer), and at night on my feet diluted with a carrier oil. The other 2 I love for this are magnolia and rose – the QUEEN. She’s deeply nourishing.



We have all been spinning. Let’s face it, we are moving through space at a rate that is unprecedented . Most of us are addicted to doing. Our worth entangled in how much we produce, how much we earn, how many LIKES we have. Some of us totally unaware of HOW to slow down, yet knowing we want to and need to.
So, my tip: STOP moving your body. AND, move your body LITERALLY at a slower pace. Walk more slowly, cook more slowly, bake a cake like you have ALL the time in the world. Stop rushing. Stop over doing. No one gets to the end of their life and celebrates that they just rushed through it. We gotta take it in. We need to find the extraordinary in the everyday and that takes presence. Making space for the reverent, the sacred, the subtle. The subtle is where divinity shines through.
Oils that help me here are lavender, vetiver and Hawaiin sandalwood.

Another wonderful grounding practice is the Ayurvedic massage technique Abhyanga. Use warm sesame oil and massage your body all over from your feet up toward your heart. Take a shower and pat dry your body. Or visit an Ayurvedic practitioner to receive a massage.



Deeply restorative. We need deep sleep! It restores us. Improves our immune function & balances the system.
Really important – stay off tech before bed. Even if its 30 mins. Go back to reading a book, taking a bath before bed or meditating.



Go for walks, be in nature, get your bare feet on Mama earth and ask her for support. GIVE her your support. Feel the beauty of reciprocity. We can call on support from lots of different entities right now. Mother Earth is one of them.



We need to keep flushing our system with good quality filtered water. Pop a few drops of doTERRA Lemon in your water bottle and sip throughout the day – deeply cleansing and tastes great. PLEASE do not ingest essential oils that are not strictly tested and purity is guaranteed.

Lemon essential oil contains limonene and along with its heavily researched cleansing ability, studies have examined its ability to support cellular function, the immune system & metabolism.
Also add VIT C to your water and take your daily supplements. MY BIG recommendation is doTERRA’S Life Long Vitality supplements. They are a whole food supplement that is BIOAVAILABLE.
Bioavailability refers to how much of a specific ingested compound your body is able to recognize, absorb, and utilize in its active form. As impressive as that nutrition label or supplement facts panel may be, if a substance isn’t absorbed and delivered in its proper form to the target site in the body (if it isn’t “bioavailable”), then it is essentially useless.



Move your body loves. I have provided a few practices over on my FB page  and will continue from now to offer classes online.

We need more than ever to draw life force into our system. To ease tension from our bodies, to build energy and stay grounded. Simple and slow Asana (movement and breath) is a profound way to restore us back to balance and presence.

Gentle walking in nature if you can, away from other humans is also a wonderful way to release stress, remain energized and clear your mind.
Peppermint essential oil is wonderful before any movement. 1 drop in your palms, rub hands together and breathe in. Apply the rest to the back of your neck. Be careful not to get it in your eyes.



If you have a practice PLEASE keep going with it right now. Meditation brings us into a state of BEING. We experience deep rest and pleasure. We move toward our true nature and release a tremendous amount of fatigue and stress.



Make your own Foaming and wash, Hand sanitizer, Immune roller with essential oils & immune boosting all purpose cleaner. Take back your own authority when it comes to your health and what will promote and boost it rather than deplete it.

Watch the above link for info on recipes. Go to 27mins and I discuss recipes.



We use the oils to help us support health & our immune function.

Disclaimer: I really want to be responsible here and make sure you know I am not suggesting these oils will heal, that they are the answer to all our problems, or anything like that. I am just sharing that we have had immense success in supporting ourselves using doTERRA essential oils.  Please do not use cheaper versions, they will not do anything.

My oil tips right now:
On Guard blend – for immune support.
Tea tree – use as a natural antiseptic / purifyer.
Eucalyptus – can promote clear breathing, may be relaxing and cleansing.
Oregano – immense immune support!
Lemon – cleansing and focusing and purifying.
Easy Air blend – easy breathing and calming.
Lavender – known for its calming and relaxing qualities. I use it at night time always.
Frankincense – grounding, king of all the oils.
Balance blend – to help stay settled and steady within yourself.

Email me direct if you want more info. I am happy to chat with you to see if these oils would be a good fit in your home.



Look out for one another. Remember what you do right now matters. Decisions you make right now matter. Live at your highest as we navigate these times.
Dream up the future you want to live within. Dream up the future YOU. Stay in your heart. Stay in your center. Be a helper right now. Disengage from all the craziness, and also have compassion when you see people are scared. Find and look for the solutions. We can do this.

Nature has her way of bringing back balance. We need to trust right now that ALL IS WELL. There is great growth coming and a new way of living that is going to bring so much JOY and way less suffering.


Sending you all so much love!

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Ready to slow down Mama? I know, its a big YES!

Download my Sound Healing Meditation NOW. Goodbye tension, hello relaxation!

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